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Andrew Snyder, LMFT, CSAC

Andrew Snyder is an experienced prison advisor with 30 years working within the criminal justice system.  He is a Hawaii State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.

He has worked extensively with individuals and families before, during, and after release from prison. His clients have served time in both state and federal prisons, at all levels, minimum to high security. Andrew believes in the power of transforming one's self - his resume reads retired correctional peace officer, private investigator, counselor and therapist.

Andrew's trademark is his ability to see the big picture even in times of adversity and bringing about a new sense of purpose. His clients appreciate and value Andrew's genuineness and compassion, and point to his insight and clarity as a source of inspiration.

Andrew Snyder is a California native and has lived in Hawaii for 10 years.