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If You Want to Know the End, Look at the Beginning

The professionals at Andrew Snyder LLC have experience working with people in trouble with the law. Andrew Snyder began his career in the early 1980s with the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, once the nation’s largest and most diverse prison population. At the Department he held positions in custody and department-wide programs in health and safety, peace officer recruitment and background investigations. He went on to launch his own successful private investigative firm that specialized in corporate and business-related legal matters. Through Andrew Snyder’s hard work and dedication he earned the trust of some of California’s best attorneys and their clients and worked on many high profile and celebrated cases.

Andrew Snyder left California for Hawaii to pursue a graduate degree leading to forensic psychology. He was especially drawn to family systems therapy, and through his education and training began counseling severely addicted persons. Many of these clients had served time in prison, with families left struggling to cope with the fallout.

Andrew Snyder LLC was founded on the premise that first-time offenders sentenced to prison were not being provided adequate and competent guidance. The ramifications of incarceration extend far beyond prison affecting the family members at home where lives are unmistakably changed forever.

Built on a solid foundation and dedicated to offering proven Prison Life SolutionsSM, Andrew Snyder LLC will continue to successfully guide our clients through the complicated and sensitive issues often presented by criminal prosecution and incarceration.