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At the intersection of prison and family life - Transforming your unique challenges into practical solutions, Andrew Snyder LLC can help you answer the question, "Where do we go from here?"

When a person is in trouble with the law and is facing a prison sentence it can be a time of upheaval and confusion. The unpleasant consequences of incarceration affect not only the offender, but also their children, families and friends. Families often struggle with the social stigma of criminal prosecution and incarceration, shame and other hardships. The unique challenges families and children face with an incarcerated parent can be overwhelming and seemingly unchanging. Offenders and their families can react in a variety of ways. It is normal to have feelings of worry, sadness, anxiety, and anger at the disruption to people's lives.

At Andrew Snyder LLC we understand and appreciate the complexities when prison and family life intersect. Marital, cohabitating and parent-child relationships experience considerable disruption when a parent is separated because of imprisonment. Clearly no one can eliminate prison's barriers, though with proper support and guidance families can make accommodations that will sustain them through the difficult time of separation.

Family strengthening and resilience is the framework we use in every aspect of our practice. We want families to be their best, whatever the circumstances. This research-driven approach builds on family strengths, buffers risk, and promotes better outcomes for families and children faced with adversity. Many clients come to Andrew Snyder LLC in distress involving prison experience, separation and disruption of life issues, so we normally begin by assessing and meeting their immediate concerns. Then we make the important shift to preparedness and anticipating likely challenges that families can face during the time of incarceration and separation. We have found when families have clear and honest conversations and share crucial information about their circumstances, they then begin the process of effectively confronting their challenges and mitigating future difficulties.

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